Mobility and Range of Motion

February 26, 2020by Debbie0

When we think about getting into shape and getting healthy a lot of us forget about mobility and range of motion.  We think about doing cardio exercises or strengthening exercises. These are both very important aspects of getting fit, though we need to also remember mobility. 

Prenatal Yoga- Gravitate Studio

We have either experienced or have seen people, struggling to get dressed, to get out of the car or move from one position to another.  A lot of the time this is related to our lack of range of motion or mobility.

As we age, unfortunately this is only going to get worse, unless you do something about it.

Working through large ranges of motion while doing your exercises will help, as well as joining yoga or Pilates.  These classes focus on loosening up your tight muscles, work on realigning your body and helping you maintain your posture with movement.

Let’s improve all aspects of our health – don’t forget to work your range of motion as well.

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