Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and relieve stress



Strengthen the Body, Calm the Mind, Open the Heart.  Hatha Flow is taught with unique sequencing to promote a dynamic + relaxing experience.  This incorporates all aspects of a traditional Hatha yoga – breath, meditation and postures – while challenging your co-ordination through movement.  This is Level 1-2 and is suitable for beginner and intermediate participants.


A Challenging, Rewarding + Meaningful Hour on your Mat.  Using Hatha yoga fundamentals – breath, meditation, and postures – this session moves at a faster pace.  Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘a flowing sequence’. Vinyasa yoga is based around sun salutations, offering an energetic session that synchronizes breath with movement. This is Level 1-2 and is suitable for beginner and intermediate students.

Vinyasa Flow is currently unavailable, though will be restarting soon.


A Relaxing Release.  Restorative Yoga is a very slow paced yoga that uses props to allow your body to fully release into the poses.   Restorative Yoga is ideal for individuals with or without yoga experience and all fitness levels. Pregnant women would also find this class beneficial.

Restorative Yoga is currently unavailable, though will be returning soon.

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