Our coaches are excited to meet you and to learn about your fitness + wellness goals.

They are friendly, approachable and are available before and/or after session to answer your questions and review techniques.
Each instructor will happily share information and advice about their sessions and related health, wellness + fitness matters. Just ask!

TRX - Gravitate Studio

Debbie Kemp

Debbie has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  She has worked in all aspects of fitness and the one common area that she loves is the interaction with individuals to get to know them, to help them towards reaching their goals and feeling healthier.

She understood the importance of exercise at a young age, when she started working out to help with her sports.  Through years of experience and continued education she has become an instructor and personal trainer dedicated to offering a safe and challenging workout for everyone she works with.

Becoming the owner of Gravitate Studio is a wonderful extension of Debbie’s experiences and she looks forward to getting to know the neighbourhood more and making the studio a space where everyone is welcome and will receive a great workout and amazing experience.


Joanna Nassif

Joanna teaches a variety of class styles, TRX, Gravity, Bootcamp and pre and post natal strength. She enjoys teaching because she loves to give and receive positive energy from her classes. She believes that the body is our greatest vessel and our minds are the composers. A positive mind, creates a positive strong body. 

Cara Sky

Cara has been practicing yoga since taking her first class more than 22 years ago in Thailand.  Her personal exploration with the practice has led her to try a variety of styles including Bikram, Moksha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Aerial & Yin, having settled into a mostly Vinyasa based personal practice.

She uses her extensive knowledge of the yoga postures to guide students through a practice that helps the individual become better attuned to breath, find stillness of the mind, and greater ease in the physical body, while building strength and stamina.  She hopes to inspire her students with their own love of the practice and to help create an environment for each that is non-judgmental and stress-free.

Domenic Clarino

Domenic teaches Gravity, TRX, Boot Camp + Personal Training.  He teaches because he loves sports + people, as well as watching his clients’ lives change for the better.

Lesley Minsky

Lesley Minsky

Lesley has been in the fitness industry since 2004. She was inspired at a very young age of 13 to start doing aerobics classes in a group setting. She teaches many different types of classes from spinning to Pilates and yoga, as well as gravity. They all offer different complimentary aspects for total body conditioning. As a mother of 2 young children, she loves to show how important physical activity is in everyone’s lives!

Lindsay McConnell

Lindsay McConnell

Lindsay is a dedicated and passionate pilates and gravitate instructor. She creates a trusting relationship with all of her clients. This trust inspires and enables her clients of all ages to reach their own personal fitness goals.

Niky Johnson

Niky has over 17 years experience teaching fitness and dance to clients of all ages and she is still loving it!  Whether teaching Gravity, TRX, Strength Circuit or Barre, her energy and positivity motivate participants to reach their fitness goals while having fun. Nicknamed “The Queen of Choices”, Niky provides many options and modifications to ensure each member can cater the exercises to their needs.  She offers visualizations to promote proper technique as well as guidance on what muscle are utilized for each exercise. If you want to smile while sweating, Niky’s classes are for you!

Stacey Farkas

Graduate of York University – Health Studies and Mohawk College – Health & Wellness. CSEP Certified Personal Trainer, I have experience working with all types of athletes (Dancers, Figure Skaters, Hockey, soccer and baseball players.  Stacey has trained a variety of youth sports teams as well as individual athletes. Stacey’s favorite method of training is Kickboxing and High-Intensity Interval Training, as he loves maximizing results.

 “We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.” 

— Swami Vivekananda