Chest Exercises on the Gravity (Total Gym) Machine

January 26, 2020by Debbie0

Welcome to Gravitate Studio.

I am Debbie, the owner at Gravitate Studio and today I am going to show you a few different exercises that we can do on the Gravity machine.  Today we are going to go over some chest exercises.

The board is at a lower level, as the chest exercises are more difficult than the upper back and legs.  We are going to start with thumb grip, so the cable is underneath the arms. I will focus on keeping very tall posture and begin with a basic chest press motion. I will be working my chest, fronts of the shoulders and my triceps (backs of my arms).  The intensity can be changed by changing the height of the board.

We can do front raises, by having the arms straight out in front of you and lowering towards the thighs and up.  We can alternate at a slow pace or alternate quickly. With the quick alternate we focus on keeping the slide board as still as possible.  We can change the angle by bringing the arms down by our side, thumbs pointed to the ceiling and pressing forward. Side raises can be done by bringing the arms to the side (90 degrees at the elbow) and raising the elbows to shoulder height.

You can focus on 1 side at a time.  Where you can really feel the burn.

These are just some of the exercises you can do with this hand grip (thumb grip, cable underneath the arms).  There are so many different things we can do on these machines to allow you to get a great full body workout.

Again, these are Gravity machines (Total Gym), which allows us to work with our own body weight against gravity.  The angle of the machine will determine the intensity – depending on your fitness level, injuries and how hard you want to work.

These are great machines, giving you a great workout, in a great class.  What a great way to get in shape.

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