Even while working your arms and legs the TRX constantly challenges your core for a true full body workout


The TRX suspension straps allow you to alter the intensity of your workout with minor adjustments.  This allows a TRX class to suitable for individuals with different fitness levels.

TRX Bootcamp

TRX Bootcamp class incorporates work with the TRX suspension straps and other types of fitness equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells, balls) for a full body workout.  You will then experience a more intense stretch portion, using rollers and straps to allow you to receive a deep and relaxing stretch for your whole body.

Gravity and TRX

This class combines both the Gravity machine and the TRX for a challenging full body circuit.  Followed by a deep, relaxing stretch. Everything you are looking for in a strengthening class.

TRX Bootcamp - Gravitate Studio

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