Tuesday February 12

Due to the weather we have cancelled the Girl’s Fitness class and the 7:30pm Vinyasa Yoga class.

Be safe.

Gravity & TRX

A Gravity & TRX combination class will be starting on Monday January 7 at 9:30 am.

We will be circuiting between these 2 amazing pieces of equipment to help you get a full body workout that will leave you knowing you did something great for your body.

Family Classes – Yoga and Bootcamp

We are excited to introduce Family Classes starting in September.

Family Yoga will be held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 10:45-11:30am.

Family Bootcamp will be held on the 4th Sunday of the month from 10:45-11:30am.

These classes are a great way to spend time with the family and share moments of support, laughter and encouragement.  The classes are open to children 4 and over.

Our first classes will be Sept. 16 – Family Yoga and Sept 23 – Family Bootcamp.

See you then.

Barre – New Time

Barre is moving to Monday mornings at 9:30 am in January.

Barre is challenging and fun and a great way to tone your whole body.

Join us for some fun at the bar.

We hope to see you there.

Gentle Gravity

Gentle Gravity runs Thursdays at 11:00 am.

Gentle Gravity is perfect for individuals who would like things a little slower and gentler.  You will still receive a full body workout, only at a slower pace and with an added focus of flexibility at the end.

Everyone looking for something a little gentler is welcome.