Circuits are designed to challenge every part of your body



This hour of high-intensity interval training will send your fitness levels soaring.  Suitable for everyone looking for a rigorous physical challenge.

This session involves a variety of bodyweight exercises and may incorporate kettlebells, TRX, skip ropes and other fitness equipment to strengthen, sculpt + tone.  

TRX Bootcamp

All the amazing benefits of bootcamp with an extra focus on using the TRX suspension strap.  

We currently are not running Bootcamp or TRX Bootcamp.

Strength Circuit – virtual

Strength Circuit consists of 4 circuits that will get your heart rate up and your muscles working.  We make sure nothing gets missed.  All you need is some light to medium weights and the desire to work.

Tabata Fit – virtual

Feel like you need a little extra cardio in your life?  Our Tabata Fit consists of 9 circuits.  Each circuit has 2 exercises that you alternate working for 20 seconds with a 10 second break in between, for 4 rounds.  We also add a core exercise to the end of every circuit, to make sure everything gets worked.

Strength & Restore -virtual

This is the complete workout.  We work our muscles for 40 minutes, using a variety of different circuit styles to keep things interesting.  The last 20 minutes are used to stretch and go through different mobility exercises to help realign and release tension.  If you work it, you should fix it.

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