Our instructors are excited to meet you and to learn about your fitness + wellness goals.

They are friendly, approachable and are available before and/or after class to answer your questions and review techniques.  Each instructor will happily share information and advice about their classes and related health, wellness + fitness matters. Just ask!


t) phew!Beth teaches Gravity + Gravity Pilates, Cardio Sculpt, Personal Training + Post Natal Exercise.  She teaches because it makes her happy!

My perfect day includes: cuddles from my kids.

This is my dream vacation: hiking/biking all day, a relaxing massage, then a fabulous culinary delight in a B & B in France.

I would love to learn: to play tennis.


IMG_1445Danielle teaches Cardio Barre, Gravity, Mom + Baby, Teen Fitness + Personal Training.  Keeping fit has always been an outlet for Danielle and a way to feel great! For her, teaching and spreading that feeling to other people is truly amazing.

Three things I would take on a deserted island are: my favorite pajamas, Nespresso machine and a toothbrush.

My guilty pleasure is: the Kardashians.

I would love to learn: how to surf a real wave.


DAVID BecklesDavid teaches Gravity, Cardio Sculpt, TRX, Cardio Sculpt + Personal Training.  He teaches fitness because he loves helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle and motivating his clients to reach their goals.

This is what I am most grateful for: good health, wisdom, my mother (way to go Dave!!)

My guilty pleasure is: apple blossoms with maple walnut ice cream.

I would love to learn: to be a better man, father and human being. I want to learn to continue evolving to become a better version of myself.


Domenic ClarinoDomenic teaches Gravity, TRX, Boot Camp + Personal Training.  He teaches because he loves sports + people, as well as watching his clients’ lives change for the better.

This is how I de-stress: Iron pounding workout or whitewater rafting with my 3 kids.

My latest food obsession: Feijoada (a Brazilian black bean stew with rice).

This is my dream vacation: FIFA World Cup (I’ve been to 7 so far!).


Donna teaches Gravity because she loves seeing clients progress throughout the year, gaining strength, and confidence in how they look + feel.

This is how I de-stress: Laugh!!!  A lot!!!
(And if you take Donna’s classes, you will be guaranteed to laugh too!)

My perfect day includes: 100K bike ride, ice cream afterwards, reading a good book, full body massage, followed by a romantic dinner and evening with my husband.

My guilty pleasure is: Creme Brulée


heatherHeather has been teaching fitness since she was 18 and just LOVES it. She teaches Gravity, Cardio Sculpt, Barre, TRX, Boot Camp + Personal Training.

My latest food obsession: My cold press juicer and the juices that I make. So delicious and good for you too.

My favourite song and/or musician: Drake’s One Dance

This is my dream vacation: Heat, sun, pool, tan, nap, happy hour….Repeat!

My guilty pleasure is: Red wine, Kale Caesar Salad, Shrimp Tempura + Poutine- Who has just one?!


Jaime Verk-PerezJaime teaches Hatha, Yin/Yang, Restorative + Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio Barre because it gives her inspiration.

My perfect day includes: a trip to the farmer’s market, cooking for loved ones + sunshine.

My latest food obsession: dark chocolate with orange + ginger.

My favourite song and/or musician: anything remixed + funky.


Karen WeinsteinKaren teaches Gravity because it is such an amazing workout, and she loves to share what she knows. She is thrilled to be working with and is inspired by people who are motivated to improve their lives through fitness.

This is what I am most grateful for: my family + my health. I cherish them everyday.

My latest food obsession: overnight steel cut oatmeal with chia, dried apricots + almonds- Delicious!!

This is my dream vacation: anywhere with mountains.


Kimmel Alcide

Kimmel teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin + Restorative Yoga. She is grateful to be able to teach Yoga as a career because it is her way of being in service to others.

This is how I de-stress: a good game of scrabble.

Three things I would take on a deserted island are: my pillow case (I have a special one), my personal massage therapist, a sign saying “Do not rescue me.”

My guilty pleasure is: watching movies cuddled in bed.

I would love to learn: to salsa.


Lindsay McConnellLindsay teaches Pilates and Gravity because she loves how being fit makes her feel so she wants to help others feel great too!

My perfect day includes: a bike ride in the Rockies with my family.

This is my dream vacation: safari in South Africa.

My guilty pleasure is: girls weekend.


Lisa CapannelliLisa teaches Gravity, TRX, Cardio Sculpt, Pre + Post Natal Exercise and Personal Training. She teaches because she loves it + finds helping people to reach their fitness goals is very rewarding. She has an amazing way of motivating people!

My perfect day includes: sleeping in, doing a yoga class, meditating then lounging on a beach with a good book, later having a wonderful dinner + evening with my loved ones.

This is my dream vacation: a trip around the world.

My guilty pleasure is: Nutella, I love it!


magzMagz teaches Gravity, Cardio Sculpt, Boot Camp + Personal Training.  She teaches fitness because she wants to share with others what has helped her in her own life: the physical + mental health benefits of an active lifestyle.  Also, she can’t sit still.

This is how I de-stress: Impromptu reggae dance break.

My favourite song/musician is: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding.  It’s been my favourite song since I was 4 years old!

This is my dream vacation: Travelling every island in the Mediterranean, then crossing the Atlantic by boat and doing the same thing in the Caribbean.  Lots of swimming, eating + diving.


Marni SUSSMANMarni teaches many styles of Yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Pre Natal, Restorative, Yin and especially LOVES teaching Yoga for Kids. She’s a beautiful soul who loves helping people connect with their true selves.

Three things I would take on a deserted island: my yoga mat, my daughter + probiotics.

My guilty pleasure: coffee with cream

This is my dream vacation: taking a year off to travel through South America. Scuba diving, hiking, yoga, and eating excellent food.


Sharon LewisSharon teaches Yoga because it inspires her to reach people through the practice.

This is how I de-stress: getting deep into my own yoga practice, a walk in the woods or getting down and dirty on the dance floor.

This is what I am most grateful for: freedom, self expression, love, opportunity, laughter, health.

This is my dream vacation: yoga, beach, sun.


Stacey FarkasStacey teaches Gravity, TRX, Cardio Sculpt, Kickboxing, HIIT and Personal Training. He specializes in developing core strength, functional movement, movement efficiency + sports specific training. His favourite method of training is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because he loves getting the results in a shorter time period!

This is what I am most grateful for: health, friends, family + failure (because it breeds success).

My guilty pleasure is: red wine + tacos (not simultaneously!)

I would love to learn: how to play the guitar, and to speak a couple languages. But above all, how to become an overall better person to maximize happiness for my loved ones + myself.


Joanne KartpathiouYianna teaches Mom + Baby Yoga + Power Yoga. She believes that there is no right or wrong in one’s practice. As long as you are getting into a pose safely and it feels good then that is all that matters. Yoga has changed Yianna’s life + she loves to share her passion with her students.

My perfect day includes: A 5:30am start! Journaling while drinking my butter coffee followed by a sweat date and brunch with friends. Then some solitude at the beach while reading a good book on a blanket. Ending the day off at a bbq with family and getting to bed early would make this my perfect day.

This is my dream vacation: A trip to Prague.

I would love to learn: how to do a backflip.